Below are the details for the workshops. No registration is necessary.

Saturday, March 9. Canadian Mennonite University, South campus.

10:30  –  Beginner  Seed  Saving  –  Sharing  Local  Knowledge  

Do you want to save seeds but don’t know where to start? This workshop will give you the basics so that you can save your own seeds. We’ll go through where to get seeds and differences between different sources of seeds and plant types and things to keep in mind about your garden sites. Next we’ll look at maintaining purity, isolation, and seed selection. The workshop will end with a discussion of drying and storage issues and provide further resources.


11:30  –  Seed  Saving  Roundtable  –  Building  a  Local  Seed  Saving  Club  

Have you ever imagined a Seed Saving Club here in Winnipeg? Seeds are about more than an individual gardener acting to protect a variety from extinction. We need a community of seed savers to protect our genetic diversity. This session with begin a discussion of what is needed to start such a group in Winnipeg.


12:30  –  Seeds  and  Farmers  –  Issues  facing  the  National  Farmers  Union  

For centuries farmers have been the keepers of seeds, but recently seeds have become political and saving seeds is a radical act that is often illegal. The National Farmers’ Union works to protect farmers rights and lobbies to change regulations that prevent farmers from creating a food system that benefits them and the environment.


1:30  –  Short Films  –  ‘Seeds  of  Freedom’  and  ‘Sanctity  of  the  Seed’ 

These two films look at seeds from the perspective of farmers around the world and the politics of seed saving to the individual trying to save their own seeds. Discussion of the films will follow.

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