Here’s a list of confirmed vendors and organizations attending the 2016 Winnipeg Seedy Saturday. More will be added as we get closer to Feb 13th, so please come back and check again.

Plant, seed, and other vendors

Prairie Garden Seeds. Based in Humboldt, SK, Jim Ternier and his family have been saving ancient grains, tomatoes and a variety of other vegetables and flowers.

Prairie Flora. A source for native prairie wildflowers and grasses.

Prairie Originals. Specializing in growing native prairie wildflowers and native plants for landscaping, they also sell shrubs and vines.

Mandy’s Greenhouse. Collector and source of unusual heritage and heirloom vegetable seeds from all over, specializing in European varieties, on a hobby basis.

Sage Garden Herbs. Seeds and plants for herbs, vegetables, perennials, flowers, and other ornamentals.

Manitoba Gardener. The magazine for passionate gardeners.

Winnipeg Sweet Potato. Did you know you can grow sweet potatoes in Manitoba?

Aurora Farm. Locally made soap and natural care products, yarns, and knitted wear.

Information and educational booths

Seeds of Diversity Canada. A Canadian volunteer organization that conserves the biodiversity and traditional knowledge of food crops and garden plants.

USC Canada – Seeds of Survival. Working with farmers overseas to protect seed diversity since 1945.

Friends of Gardens Manitoba. Their mission is to promote the enhancement of public parks and gardens and horticultural education.

Green Action Centre. Helping Manitobans make ‘greener’ choices.

Manitoba Master Gardener Association. Master Gardeners are a respected group of horticultural persons educated and certified through accredited universities or colleges.

National Farmers Union. A membership-based organization working to promote and protect family farms in Canada.

Living Prairie Museum. Protecting Tall Grass Prairie inside the City of Winnipeg.

Herb Society of Manitoba. A community organization working to promote knowledge, use, and enjoyment of herbs.

Urban Eatin’ Landscapes. Need help getting your green thumb started? This Winnipeg-based worker’s co-op can help with landscaping and gardening projects.

Harvest Moon Society. Bridging the urban-rural divide by building healthy land and healthy communities.

Winnipeg Public Libraries. Looking for some ‘seedy’ resources? Why not check out your local public library?



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