Workshop Schedule 2015

All workshops are open to the public. Entrance to Seedy Saturday is by donation.


10:30 – Basic Seed Saving with Jim and Rachelle Ternier from Prairie Garden Seeds. Learn how to save your own seeds and protect our cultural heritage while saving money. 


11:30 – Building a Seed Library in Manitoba with Kenton Lobe and Caroline Chartrand. Find out more about effort to build a seed library in Manitoba. 


12:30 – Seeds and Farmer’s Rights to Protect Seeds with Dean Harder from the National Farmers Union. Explore the challenges facing farmers who want to save their own seeds and find out what you can do to help. 


 1:30 – Film – Open Sesame by Sean Kaminsky. A documentary film illustrates the importance of seeds and what needs to be done to protect them. 


Workshop Schedule 2014

The workshop schedule for Seedy Saturday is ready. No need to register!

Saturday, February 15. Canadian Mennonite University, South campus.

10:30  –  Beginner  Seed  Saving  –  Sharing  Local  Knowledge  

Do you want to save seeds but don’t know where to start? This workshop will give you the basics so that you can save your own seeds. We’ll go through where to get seeds and differences between different sources of seeds and plant types and things to keep in mind about your garden sites. Next we’ll look at maintaining purity, isolation, and seed selection. The workshop will end with a discussion of drying and storage issues and provide further resources.


11:30  –  Seeds and Storytelling -­‐‑ Stories from around the World 

Join seed saver and world traveller Natalie Dyck for a conversation about how seeds are being saved around the world. From India to our own backyard, Natalie has experience in seed saving initiatives. 


12:30  –  Seed Saving Roundtable -­‐‑ Building a Local Seed Library 

Have you ever imagined a Seed Library here in Winnipeg? Seeds are about more than an individual gardener acting to protect a variety from extinction. We need a community of seed savers to protect our genetic diversity. This session includes updates on the creation of a library in Winnipeg. 


1:30  –  Feature Film  –  GMO OMG

Jeremy Seifert (director of Dive!) is back with another critical examination of our food system. This time he focuses on the unknown health implications of genetically modified organisms and wonders why we don’t have access to information about the companies who profit from these technologies.